My ears are missing some gritty rock tunes and when it’s April, i always come back to The Jesus and Mary Chain for a melancholic punch of what-i-thought-of-myself. you see, i grew up worshipping rock gods, loved the idea of moping with boys and loitering on pavements and have a good party. i was so adamant about these idealistic notions, i felt lost when i couldn’t enjoy them as much as i wanted to as i get older. time to not care. can’t help for a vortex of emotions in your birthday month, can it? bye april, see you next year. 



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such a relief to hear when the tsunami alert had been withdrawn after 10pm just now. i was at the beach area in northern malaysia before dinner time because my mum and I were very adamant about a certain freshly deep fried squid that i was craving for and i panicked a bit when i saw the news on telly at the seaside restaurant. but everything is fine on this side of the world. sending all my love to the people who were affected by the earthquake. now back to everything i love these days, photos are my leather jacket that i find too heavy to wear, literally heavy, bukowski’s poem which is my favourite right now, a nick knight’s photo and of course, peter lindbergh.